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Click Here to watch the USCSA Nationals Highlight Video from Mt. Bachelor 


General Info

We are the University of Minnesota Duluth Alpine Ski Team. The makeup of our team ranges from experienced High School, USSA, and FIS racers, to the more recreational racers. Everyone is welcome, and no one will be turned away. Everyone is responsible for themselves and have to cover lift tickets, gas, and food for travel weekends. Each year we pay team dues. This covers all of the USCSA (United States Collegiate Snow-sports Association) National and the MCSA (Midwest Collegiate Ski Association) Regional Fees. The fee also covers a per race insurance fee that we have to pay as well. We have several full time coaches. Our coaches are USSA certified and continue to pursue additional education to help the team get better! For more information on our coaching, please email 



We start our dryland training in early October. We train at Spirit Mountain Monday through Thursday from 530-8pm once it opens (usually end of first semester or beginning of second). Our training venues are some of the best in the midwest. Season pass is recommended. 



Our team competes in the MCSA division of the USCSA. We compete against many other schools in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan. The races typically begin early Saturday mornings an ego through Sunday afternoon. There is both a men's and women's winner each day, and then a winner for the races combined. There is also a team winner for each day. Each team designates 5 racers for an "A" team, and everyone else is designated as "B" team. The top three "A" team finishers are totaled to determine the team finish. We have 5 possible regular races, followed by a divisional race, and then a regional race to qualify for nationals. The regional race is held in Marquette, MI. The top 3 teams and top 1 individual qualifies for the National event.We are in the Lake Superior division of the MCSA. Other teams competing in our division are:

Clarke College, Michigan Tech University, Northern Michigan University, Carleton College, St. Cloud State University, St. Olaf College, Univ. of Minn - Duluth, Univ. of Minn, Minneapolis, Univ. of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Marquette University, Univ. of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, University of St. Thomas, Univ. of Wisconsin, Univ. of Wisc, River Falls, Univ. of Wisc., Stout, Mesabi Community & Tech. College


To be eligible to race, you have to be a full time student at the University of Minnesota Duluth. You have to have at least 12 semester credits and unless you are a freshman you must have been a full time student in the previous semester to the competition season. Also to be eligible to compete in post season racing, Divisional's and Regionals, you must compete in AT LEAST 2 FULL RACES. NO EXCEPTIONS! Also, to compete at Regionals, a skier must have also participated at Divisional's. All racers will be welcome at both Regionals and Divisional's, one to two alternates will be brought to Regionals and covered under race costs. All others will be responsible for their own per race costs.

Club Mission Statement

1. Inclusion of all those individuals that enjoy skiing and want to be a part of the racing experience. Exclusion is not to be tolerated if at all possible.
2. To represent all racers able, at all races. Limitations set only as directed by the MCSA or USCSA.
3. To uphold the traditions of ski racing excellence.
4. To create an environment which is supportive to Student Athletes. To perpetuate itself with the ideal of improvement from one season to the next.
5. To generate a highly competitive atmosphere that will produce highly qualified racers to represent the Midwest conference at a national level and perform with a level of excellence that correctly demonstrates the quality of the race program upheld by MCSA.
6. To keep competition fun and exciting with the purpose of encouraging it's athletes to stay involved in the sport and athletics in general.
7. All members will strive to represent the best interests of the team and school.

Race Schedule

Please visit the MCSA website for the updated schedule.


For questions, contact us at

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