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General Equipment Guidelines


Currently, the USCSA which governs our races follows USSA Equipment Regulations. We compete in both Slalom and Giant Slalom for Racing. If your racer will still be competing in a FIS race in the winter they will still need to follow those regulations. 


IF you have ANY questions, concerns about what your College Racer will need or should acquire please Contact Us!


  • Every year in the fall Spirit Mountain & Ski Hut host one of the largest Ski Swaps in the State! Save your Money!

  • Also note for Giant Slalom a Hard Sided/Eared Helmet with no chin-bar is mandatory.

  • Helmets are mandatory for all team on-hill practices and Races. 

    • GS Helmets MUST meet FIS RH 2013 Standards. ​

  • You may use a Hard Sided helmet for slalom with a chin-bar. (Make sure you can remove it for GS)

  • GS Suits are highly encouraged. (Team GS Suits are available for purchase this year!!! Click Here!)














Below is a rubric for Equipment guidelines for Skis in multiple Disciplines 2017-2018. We compete in SL and GS



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